Do you already ride 2-3 times per week?  Do you wish you could ride more and reap the mental and physical benefits of consistently riding more often, but feel like our ala-carte $28 per ride, 4 or 5 times a week is just too expensive?  Then the Unlimited Monthly Rydes Recurring Membership is perfect for you!  When you become a member, you’ll ENJOY UNLIMITED OASIS RYDES EVERY MONTH + YOU GET FREE SHOE RENTALS!  THE MORE YOU RIDE, THE MORE YOU SAVE!

If you’re already riding 2x per week + shoe rentals, by signing up for Unlimited monthly, you’ll save $3 right off the bat, just for committing to your usual routine. 

If you ride 2x per week, without renting shoes, for just $13 dollars more than you already spend each month on rides, you’ll have the option to ride as many times as you want each month! So if you can commit to take even just one additional ride than you usually do during the month, this package more than pays for itself!

If you ride 3x per week this SAVES YOU 35% OFF EACH RIDE.  At 3x per week you are paying just $19.75 per class and don’t forget your shoe rental is included in that price too!  And if you ride more than 3x per week, this deal is a no brainer!  You’ll be able to RIDE AS MUCH AS YOU WANT FOR LESS THAN $20 PER CLASS!

This is a great deal and we only have a limited number of these founding memberships available.  Don't miss out!