Welcome to the first @RydeFYR Fuel Your FYR 21 day Challenge FYR Fam! Feel Stronger and more connected to yourself and your FYR Family + win PRIZES just for being YOU!

Hi! I’m Chevy. I’m the founder of RydeFYR cycling studio in Manhattan Beach, California, the creator of the FYR On Demand virtual fitness experience, and I’m thrilled to be YOUR COACH for my new FUEL YOUR FYR CHALLENGE! Let me tell you, I’m BEYOND excited for this, because this challenge is DIFFERENT.  Most of the challenges I see in local studios, gyms, or even here on IG are mostly about aesthetics; they’re primarily about competing to lose weight, or honoring side by side “before” and “after” photos. And that’s all good with me, if that’s honestly and genuinely YOUR personal goal.  But what makes my FUEL YOUR FYR challenge different, is that I will not be challenging you to, or rewarding you for, losing weight. In fact, I DON’T WANT YOU TO FOCUS ON WEIGHT LOSS with this challenge whatsoever.  Forget about scale weight, or comparing side-by-side photos of yourself, or anyone else in this family.

WHAT I DO WANT YOU TO DO in this challenge is FOCUS ON HOW YOU FEEL — WITHOUT JUDGMENT. I want you to acknowledge your own unique and highly personal goals for you!  Do you want to feel stronger? More grounded?  More Peaceful? More Energetic?  What is It that you really want to FEEL for YOU? I’ll share mine with you as an example—there was a time in my life where my weight was ALL that I was concerned with.  I had a number in my mind, and I either had to reach it by losing weight or I was always struggling to maintain it on the scale.  When I reached my goal weight, I was NEITHER happy nor fulfilled. Yes, I was thin, but I FELT tired, and weak. Eventually, I realized that a better goal for me was to FEEL STRONG. And that’s when I started to get comfortable in my own skin and became free to really start unapologetically being me.  So with this particular challenge, that’s what I want you to do; I want you to work towards a goal that is specifically tied to how you want to FEEL. And as we go through the 3 weeks that’s all I want you to do – simply acknowledge how you feel without judging yourself or anyone else.  Knowing that you are becoming a stronger, more powerful, more confident being for every positive step you choose to take for you along the way, Now don’t get me wrong —Yes you will burn lots of calories,  you’ll likely sleep more soundly, may lose weight, your clothes might fit better, your skin, hair and nails may improve, but those are all byproducts of Fueling your FYR with this program by working out, releasing stress, intuitively eating and fueling your body with common sense, and embracing the support system that’s uniquely ours as a FYR Family.

When you commit to this program. You are committing to 3 weeks of fueling your mind, body and spirit by accomplishing 21 things over 21 days. EACH WEEK is broken down like this:

5 quick & powerful, 30 minutes or less, workouts EACH week

This includes: 4 FUEL YOUR FYR workouts available, anytime, anywhere, on any device on FYR On Demand.  

1 Total Body Yoga Sculpt

1 Upper Body Burn

1 Lower Body



1 LIVE Fitness Fri-Yay  Sweat-Sesh*

 *The lives will take place at 12PM (PT) on Friday 1/22, 1/29, & 2/5 on IG LIVE @ChevyLaurent. For those who cannot join live, the recoded live from the day will be available on Friday evening by 8pm on FYR On Demand. Find it listed under the appropriate week of the new FUEL YOUR FYR section of FOD.

You’ll also be committing to :

1 IG FYR Fam Check-in Post PER WEEK.

Think of these as once weekly check-in’s with YOUR FYR family.  The goal here is for everyone—the in-studio #RydeFYRFam and our FYR On Demand Fam to get to know each other better. And more importantly, to feel and share the support and love of our incredible tribe! This will be a really fun opportunity to get to know one another better, share experiences, and cheer each other on as we move forward on our personal journeys TOGETHER. When you post, use the hashtag #FYRFam and tag @RydeFYR + @ChevyLaurent so your FYR Fam and I can easily find your posts!


When you share, I also ask that you spread love like a wildfire by reading and LIKING/COMMENTING on 3 other FYR Family members posts!

ACCEPT 1 weekly health/wellness Challenge PER WEEK

Each week you’ll accept 1 health/wellness challenge as a way to reset, learn to listen to your body better, and focus on what you can & should add to your daily life, rather than focusing on what you can’t or shouldn’t (i.e these will not be about following a particular strict diet or depriving yourself of any of the things in life that you enjoy).

So that’s a total of 15 workouts + 3 weekly IG post Check-ins (with 3 comments/likes to other FYR Fam members) + 3 weekly Health/wellness challenges = 21 Days of FUEL YOUR FYR

If you’re already subscribed to FYR On Demand, there is no additional sign up required.

Next week you’ll see a new section in the platform called FUEL YOUR FIRE with all your weekly workouts. The details of what to do/post for your check-ins & health challenges will be posted on IG, so be sure to follow me @ChevyLaurent and @RydeFYR to be in the know.

And if you haven’t signed up for FYR On Demand yet, just click the link below to sign up!

And I’ve got great news, I wanted to make this challenge accessible for EVERYONE, so in addition to our usual 2 weeks free, NEW SUBSCRIBERS can use code FUEL21 to get AN ADDITIONAL 2 WEEKS free* (*Code Available Only for a Limited Time & for new subscribers only) YUP,  YOU GET 1 MONTH FREE access. So you can enjoy the entire FUEL YOUR FYR 21 DAY CHALLENGE FOR FREE, plus get access to more than 75+ workouts including my Rydes, HIIIT classes, and yoga sculpt practices. After your free trial ends it’s just $0.67cents per day.  No Contracts/cancel anytime.

And last but not least — YES!! I WILL BE GIVING AWAY SURPRISE PRIZES! We gotta keep it fun!

Are you up for the FUEL YOUR FIRE CHALLENGE? Let’s do this! The challenge officially begins 1 week from today – Thursday 1/21/21.
And I cant wait to see You on our FIrst Live TOGETHER Friday 1/22 12pm <3



In addition to your 5 workouts (4 already available on FYR On Demand + 1 Instagram Live Fitness FRI-YAY Sweat Sesh (Friday 1/22 at 12PM Pacific Time on @ChevyLaurent) which will also be posted on FYR On Demand after the workout.  This week you are challenged to the following tasks:

WEEK 1 CHALLENGE: Come up with a mantra, theme or affirmation for YOUR 2021
Yup. Im asking you to create an affirmation for YOU for this year. Quite different than a resolution, I want you to think of this as an opportunity to set an intention for YOU. It’s just like we do in my classes, but just for the entire year ahead. To come up with your mantra, I want you to really stop , take a moment, and consider what word, phrase, concept, or quote will help fuel your internal FYR — your passion that burns deep in your spirit. Trust your instincts, and then write it down somewhere where you can refer back to it throughout the next 21 days of the challenge , AND whenever you need to throughout the rest of the year. The goal is to REALLY commit to that word, phrase, or saying to remind you how strong & powerful YOU are as we navigate the year ahead TOGETHER.

WEEK 1 WELLNESS IG CHECK-IN: Post a selfie and tell your #FYRFam 3 fun facts about YOU! One of your facts should be your 2021 Mantra from the challenge above! The other 2 fun facts could be anything at all including where you’re from, your dogs name, your favorite food, hobby, your goal for the challenge… the sky is the limit. Your FYR family just wants to get to know you! Remember to use #FYRFam and tag @RydeFYR & @ChevyLaurent so we can find your posts! AND don’t forget to like/comment on at least 3 other #FYRFam members posts to say hello and share your love and support. The goal is to get to know each other while spreading love and encouragement to our fellow FYR Family members like a WILD FYR.



In addition to your 5 workouts (4 already available on FYR On Demand + 1 Instagram Live Fitness FRI-YAY Sweat Sesh (Friday 1/29 at 12PM Pacific Time on @ChevyLaurent) which will also be posted on FYR On Demand after the workout.  This week you are challenged to the following tasks

WEEK 2 CHALLENGE: Fuel your mind and body with self love instead of self criticism.
This week I want you to gratitude journal every day. You can write down 1 word, or pour your heart out onto the page with a full stream of consciousness. But I’d like for you to write down at least 1 thing that you are grateful for every single day this week. We ALWAYS have something to be grateful for, even in the most challenging of times. This is your opportunity to really focus on living your life with gratitude no matter what.

WEEK 2 GRATITUDE IG CHECK INThis week I’d like you share one of the things that you journaled you’re grateful for in your IG post FYR FAM check-in. Let’s share to inspire others to live life feeling strong with our same attitude of gratitude. Remember to use #FYRFam and tag @RydeFYR & @ChevyLaurent so we can find your post! AND don’t forget to like/comment on at least 3 other #FYRFam members’ posts to say hello and share your love and support. Let’s keep that wild FYR of love and encouragement burning bright!


In addition to your 5 workouts (4 already available on FYR On Demand + 1 Instagram Live Fitness FRI-YAY Sweat Sesh (Friday 2/5 at 12PM Pacific Time on @ChevyLaurent) which will also be posted on FYR On Demand after the workout.  This week you are challenged to the following tasks

Ditch Outdated food RULES & Incorporate MEANINGFUL MEALTIME

This week, I want you to try ditching a rules based approach to healthy eating, and work towards achieving your heathiest relationship with food through common sense intuitive eating and complete food freedom. I want you to start listening to your body rather than following any of these  old school rules:

  • RULE TO BREAK: Good vs Bad food. Here’s the thing, when you start to place a moral value on food (i.e. “carbs are ‘bad’ for you”, or “I’m going to be ‘bad’ and eat that cookie”) we begin to associate certain foods with guilt.  And while some foods provide more nutrients than others, I’m of the school of thought that no food is “bad.” I believe that rather than self-prescribing strict rules or listening to all the fad diet rules that are out there, the key to achieving long term mental and physical health is to listen to your body to decide what you need – rather than what you shouldn’t or can’t consume
  • RULE TO BREAK: “Eat everything on your plate.” While this OG rule passed down from many generations was, I’m sure, well-meaning, and a probably most used as a parental trick to get the kiddos to eat all the veggies on their plates, its a rule that can stick with us well into adulthood. But here’s the thing, it’s important to  be mindful of your body and eat until you feel full, but not overly stuffed (unless it’s a holiday meal – and then all bets are off lol).  You don’t have to eat everything on your plate just because its placed in front of you. If you are no longer enjoying the food, then that’s a clear indication that it’s time to stop.
  • RULE TO BREAK: “You should only have 1 cheat treat a week/you shouldn’t eat dessert every day.” I recommend breaking this outdated rule by finding some of the endless foods and recipes out there that add nutritional value to your daily diet but also satisfy your sweet tooth – Dark chocolate anyone??  So release dessert associated guilt and have a special treat that works for you, EVERY DAY if you want!
  • RULEE TO BREAK: “You must eat exactly 3 or 5 meals per day.” Here’s the thing, if it works for you to eat only 3 meals, 5 small meals, 3 meals and 2 snacks etc, that’s great! But, if that doesn’t work for you, that’s OK too!  Some people prefer to skip breakfast eating only 2x  per day, others really don’t eat any full meals, but rather graze on healthy small  nutrient rich snacks all day long.   My point here is that you should be listening to YOUR body and doing what’s best for you UNAPOLOGETICALLY. I’m not a registered dietician, or a doctor, but I think it’s safe for me to tell you that there is no one-size-fits-all plan for eating that works for everyone.  So I encourage you to again– and I know I sound like a broken record here –listen to your body and honor what it tells you.  Simply put, be mindful of yourself, notice your energy levels, and eat when YOU are hungry.

WEEK 3 CHALLENGE: Have at least 1 meaningful mealtime every day. During this mealtime I want you to ditch the rules above AND consider incorporating any or all of the following into your meals this week:

  • Instead of cutting calories, Add nutrients
  • Personalize your supplements
  • Eat seasonal produce
  • Incorporate a colorful rainbow of food
  • Drink more water

It doesn’t matter when your daily meaningful mealtime is — it can be mealtime with family around the dinner table, it can be an early morning breakfast by yourself, lunch at your office desk, or anything in-between. The point though, is to find at least one time every day this week where you are consciously aware and mindfully nourishing your body. This is your time to focus on truly listening to your body as you consume your food. So during your meaningful mealtime, I want you to truly experience the look, taste, smell, texture of your meal or snack, and allow yourself to ENJOY  every bite. No guilt, no fear, no rules! Just YOU doing YOU and fueling your body in a way that serves you!

WELLNESS FYR FAM IG CHECK-IN WEEK 3 :  Share one food or recipe that you tried this week that  fueled your FYR!  Maybe it aligns with breaking one of the OG food rules. Perhaps its something that made your heart sing during your mindful mealtimes. Or maybe its something you consumed just for you, that makes you feel like the total bad*ss rockstar warrior that you are! Remember to use #FYRFam and tag @RydeFYR  &amp; @ChevyLaurent so we can find your post! AND don’t forget to like/comment on at least 3 other #FYRFam members posts to say hello and share your love and support