The RydeFYR Experience consists of 5 total body workout indoor cycling class formats to choose from:





75° - 80° (30/45 minutes)

Ignite is our rhythm ryde in a moderate room temperature. This class is meant for those who are new to indoor cycling and those who prefer a “room temperature” environment.

85° - 90° (45 minutes)

RydeFYR is our Signature rhythm ryde set to the optimum heated temperature to torch calories, detoxify the body, and train like the athlete you are!  

85° -90° (60 minutes)

An extended version of our signature RydeFYR Ryde. Get 15 extra minutes of “burn time” on the bike, and you’ll continue to experience that higher caloric burn, even longer after your workout.

95°+ (30 minutes)

Why train longer, when you can train smarter?  INFERNO is our HOTTEST ryde at 95°plus. Curated by our instructors to maximize your athletic potential and give you the most effective athletic training workout in a quick 30 minute burst of time. Not for the faint of heart, this class will be hot, hard, and fun as H*ll!


85° - 95° (60 minutes)

30 minutes of RydeFYR (85° – 90°) + 30 Minutes of Yoga Sculpt, which incorporates Vinyasa flow with bootcamp style free weights (90° – 95°)

*Classes for the week open every Monday at 10am*